Maoripet Antlers Chew Deer antlers for dog

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    Maoripet Antlers Chew  Deer antlers for dog  Chewing

  • Antlers Chew is a completely odorless, healthy and 100% natural product. It is a snack made from deer antlers, which helps keep teeth clean and provides nutrients and minerals. Antlers are also the favorite snack of wolves, especially due to their easy availability, deer naturally lose their horns once a year, then grow back spontaneously in the following months. This snack is therefore also cruelty free: no animals are killed, the deer live in the wild and their antlers are therefore free of antibiotics and stress hormones. Available in two sizes: M or L.

    Long-lasting, low-fat, 100% Natural, sourced from European and Scottish Highland Deer.

    Replace the Deer Horn when it reaches a size too small for the Dog's mouth.

    Monitor your Dog while using Antler Chew, as it can splinter in some cases.


    • M - 40 g-70 g
    • L - 80-130 g 

    Composition: 100% deer antlers
    Analytical components Ash 53%, protein 32%, moisture 14%, fat 0.1%, fiber 3% 

    Always have a bowl of fresh water available.

    Keep in a cold and dry place.