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Maoripet Ramo d’Olivo branch for dogs

  • Maoripet Ramo d’Olivo branch for dogs

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    Maoripet  Ramo de’Olivo olive branch for dogs is specially prepared for gnawing 

  • Ramo d’Olivo is a 100% natural chewing gum made by our artisan workshop. The olive branches obtained from Lombard olive trees are harvested directly by our master carpenters, selected for their shape and quality in order to create valuable artifacts. After processing, strictly manual, they are dipped in Italian Olive Oil which gives a particular natural scent; finally it is dried and worked by hand. It is free of artificial components, it also contributes to dental hygiene as it stimulates salivation and promotes the removal of dental plaque through mechanical action. It is used to channel the chewing instinct by carrying out a calming action in dogs.
    Different sizes available based on weight and breed, the duration varies from 3 to 6 months based on the dog's chewing activity. It is recommended to replace the product when it reaches too small a size compared to the dog's mouth.

    Monitor your dog while using Ramo d’Olivo.

    Always have a bowl of fresh water available.

    Keep in a cold and dry place.
    Size          Grams           Weight of the Dog
    XS            30 - 59g         Up to 5kg
    S               60- 99g         Up to 10kg
    M              100- 220g      Up to 20kg
    L                221- 450g     Over 20kg
    ATTENTION: the size of the game must be considered both for its weight, but above all for its size and shape.