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Tax Free

  • Foreign nationals living outside the EU are entitled to a refund of value added tax (VAT) on purchases from Lithuania, i.e. a 21% saving.

    Sled dogs Baltic provides TAX FREE SHOPPING.


    1. The Seller completes a Tax Free FR0420 form at the time of purchase, one copy of which is given to the Buyer and the other copy of which is retained by the Seller

    2. The Buyer must present the Tax Free FR0420 form to the customs office at the time of departure from Lithuania, where it will be stamped with the customs stamp

    3. On the next journey to Lithuania, the Buyer must present the Tax Free FR0420 form to the Seller, stamped by customs. The Seller will refund the money to the Buyer in cash at the time of submission of the Tax Free FR0420 form.

    What the Buyer must know:

    1. An identity document is required at the time of purchase.

    2. The value of the goods to be purchased must be at least EUR 58/200Lt.

    3. You can use the Tax Free Shopping service by visiting Sled dogs Baltic store at Algirdo 37, Vilnius

    4. The Tax Free form must be stamped by customs when you leave Lithuania. The Tax Free form must be returned within two months of the date of issue.

    5. The Tax Free shopping service does not apply to goods purchased in the e-shop and delivered by courier service.