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Boxby Cheese Bone chewing bones for dogs

  • Boxby Cheese Bone chewing bones for dogs

    Boxby Cheese Bone  Vegetarian chewing bone for dogs, long-lasting chewing pleasure, hard cow's milk cheese, high in protein, can contribute to dental care, gluten and lactose free, well tolerated, no unpleasant odors  

  • There are many chewing bones for dogs, but with Boxby Cheese Bone you offer your dog a very special pleasure: the innovative recipe originates from the Himalayan region in Nepal! The extraordinary chew consists of cow's milk that is processed into a very hard cheese – the 'cheese bone' is ready! This food has a high protein content and is naturally gluten-free and low in lactose – so it is highly digestible!

    For dogs, Boxby Cheese Bone has a wonderful smell, while for humans, it is completely odorless. By the way, did you know that the cheese bone can reduce plaque and tartar due to the wear effect when chewing? It comes from European production and is a really successful alternative to dried skin-based chewing products!

    Boxby Cheese Bone at a glance:
    Top Quality Chew Bone for Dogs
    Extra hard consistency: for long-lasting chewing pleasure
    Alternative to dried skin: from hard cheese, vegetarian cheese bone
    Daily dental care: can reduce plaque and tartar with intensive chewing
    100% from natural materials: from cow's milk, produced according to an ancient recipe from the Himalayan region of Nepal
    High protein content: important for the muscles
    Attractive smell: for the fine nose of dogs, for humans odorless
    Spill-free snacks: doesn't leave annoying stains
    Highly digestible: gluten-free and low in lactose
    From European production
    Plastic-free packaging: eco-friendly
    For every size: available for small to large dogs 

    S: up to 10 kg

    M: 10-20 kg

    L:: 20-40 kg

    XL: 40 kg