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Terms of delivery

  • Delivery options

    You can choose the option that suits you best:

    - Delivery by courier services

    - Pick-up at Omniva parcel terminals

    - Collection at Sled dogs Baltic store at ALGIRDO 37, Vilnius

    Delivery cost:

    - Delivery to any place in Lithuania (except Curonian Spit) on weekdays via courier service costs from 6.50EUR. If you wish to pay cash to the courier, the delivery will cost 9.50 EUR

    - Delivery on weekdays and Saturdays (only to major Lithuanian cities) via Omniva is free of charge for purchases of at least EUR 38.99. For smaller purchases, delivery will cost 3.60 Eur. If you choose delivery via Omniva terminals, cash payment is not possible.

    * InboxFun box delivered free of charge

    - to Kusiai Nerija by courier - 40 Eur extra to the parcel price

    - Delivery to Latvia via Omniva terminals - 9.99 Eur

    - Delivery to Estonia via Omniva post offices - 9,99 Eur

    * For prices for courier delivery to Latvia and Estonia, please contact Sled Dogs Baltic by phone +37064012815, email :, facebook: sleddogsbaltic

    Important: InboxFun box delivery can only be selected when purchasing an InboxFun gift box.

    Delivery times:

    Delivery via courier service in Lithuania: within 1- 3 working days.

    If the order is received and paid for on a non-business day, the day the order is placed is the next business day.

    Delivery via Omniva parcel terminals in Lithuania is:

    - the next working day, if the order is received and paid for before 14:00

    - within 2 working days if the order is received and paid for after 14:00

    - You will receive a message with a code when the parcel arrives at the terminal of your choice. You will be able to pick up your shipment at a time convenient for you.

    If your order is received and paid for on a non-business day, the day the order is placed is the next working day.


    Shipments through the parcel terminal should comply with the following:

    S-size shipment: 8*35*64 cm, weight not more than 30 kg

    M size: 19*38*64 cm, weight not exceeding 30 kg

    L parcel size: 39*38*64 cm, weight not exceeding 30 kg

    It is important to consider the size of the parcel when ordering and selecting delivery via Omniva terminal. If the parcel exceeds the maximum dimensions, we will be forced to send it via courier services and the delivery price will start from EUR 6,50.

    You can collect your parcel from the post office within 7 days. Otherwise, the parcel will be returned to the sender. The recipient will have to pay the postage and return costs.

    You can pick up your order at the Sled dogs Baltic shop at ALGIRDO 37, Vilnius.

    The store's opening hours are:

    Monday - Friday from 10:00 to 19:00

    Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00

    closed on Sunday

    Additional information:

    You can also order those products that we do not have in stock. We will contact you and inform you about the planned delivery time of the product.

    If you want to order an item marked as MADE-TO-ORDER, please contact us and we will inform you about the delivery time of this item.

    If you want to receive the product at a time convenient for you, indicate this in the information field.

    The courier will contact you before delivering the goods.

    Regarding the delivery of frozen meat:

    We receive frozen meat every week on Thursday-Friday. As this is a frozen product, a product received on Friday can only be shipped on Monday. The recipient must follow the delivery time of the parcel to the post office or by courier and pick up the parcel immediately. When ordering frozen meat, the customer bears all the risk of the thawed product from the time the shipment is sent to its receipt, except in cases where the shipment is lost or delivered late due to the fault of the carrier.

    To ensure quality delivery of goods, please:

    When receiving the goods, check whether the packaging is neat and undamaged. Write information about violations in the delivery confirmation of the shipment and be sure to inform us by phone or e-mail. by mail:

    If you accept the product and sign the accompanying documents without making any comments, it will be considered that the shipment has been delivered correctly.


    Before delivering the goods to you, the courier will contact you by phone. Properly assess your ability to receive the cargo on time, because waiting for the courier due to the Recipient's fault is charged an additional fee - 16 Eur/hour. The wait is calculated after 15 minutes. from the arrival of the courier to the Recipient. This waiting fee must be paid by the Recipient. So let's appreciate and respect each other's time.