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Falco Larynx 20-25 cm dried delicacy for dogs

  • Falco Larynx 20-25 cm dried delicacy for dogs

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    Falco Larynx dried delicacy for dogs in the form of larynx 

  • Falco Larynx  dried delicacy  for dogs in the form of larynx. The bag contains 500 g or 6 pcs of dried 20-25 cm pieces of larynx. This is a purely natural product. 

    All dried meat delicacies are dried only with hot air without added substances, no chemistry is used. For drying, modern technology is used to preserve a large amount of vitamins.

    They are suitable for everyday consumption or just as a treat to diversify the diet.

    They not only strengthen the chewing muscles, but also have beneficial effects on your pet's body.

    Advantages of product packaging:

    • resealable bag
    • practical carrying handle
    • transparent window
    • natural, modern and attractive design
    • can be hung and built

    FALCO dried delicacies have a shelf life of 2 years.