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Flounder dried dog treats

  • Flounder dried dog treats

    Flounder hot air dried  dog treats 

  • Flounder  whole fish, tender and crisp dried. Your dog will be delighted. Ideal for the "small hunger" in between. Ideally suited for praise, love and pampering. 

    • Flounders / Plaice
    • Organic quality ( not certified )
    • gently dried with hot air
    • No chemical additives
    • no dyes or preservatives
    • no salts
    • tender crunchy whole fish

    Pure natural product. The pieces may differ in shape, color and size.

    Production: Hot air dried

    Crude protein: 41,70 %

    Crude fat: 15,80 %

    Crude ash: 16,80 %

    Humidity:7,50 %

    Values are subject to natural fluctuations.
    Without preservatives, dyes and attractants.