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Sammy's tooth bar dog treats for dog teeth and freshen breath

  • Sammy's tooth bar dog treats for dog teeth and freshen breath

    Sammy's tooth bar dog treats for dog teeth and freshen breath effective prevention and control of tartar and plaque.   

  • Sammy's deliciously scented dental bars are refined with aloe vera, eucalyptus and coconut oil as well as healthy apples and pomegranates, and their special shape makes them a wonderful addition to dental care with the dog's toothbrush. Chewing the bars stimulates the gums, food debris can be removed and tartar formation can be prevented.

    • To actively support the oral hygiene of your pelt nose
    • Grain-free recipe*
    • Low fat (58,7 kcal per piece)
    • Daily dental care
    • 100% compostable packaging
    • Gently & with much love produced

    Dental care is the be-all and end-all of effective prevention and control of tartar and plaque.  

    Eucalyptus oil, coconut oil and aloe vera not only taste particularly tempting, but also freshen your dog's breath so that your dog can continue to give kisses.

    The extra long chewing fun for shining teeth and healthy gums.

    * Even with the greatest care in the production and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources or (gluten-containing) cereals can not be excluded 

    Composition: Vegetable by-products (including dried potatoes), minerals, apples (dried, 0.3%), pomegranates (dried, 0.3%), blueberries (dried, 0.3%), coconut oil (0.1%), aloe vera (dried, 0.05%), eucalyptus oil (0.04%). 

    Analytical components: Convertible energy 255 kcal/100 g (10.68 MJ/kg), moisture 22.0%, protein 3.0%, fat content 1.0%, crude fiber 4.5%, crude ash 4.5%, calcium 0.5%, phosphorus 0.25%. 

    Technological additives

    Sensory additives
    Flavoring agents (peppermint oil 400 mg/kg). 

    Feeding recommendation
    Ideal weight of your dog   Snacks per day
    2,5 - 15,0 kg                     0,5 - 1 Piece
    15,0 - 30,0 kg                   1 - 2 Piece
    30,0 - 60,0 kg                   2 - 4 Piece
    Please consider the addition of our snacks in the total daily ration of your pelt nose.
    This information is a guideline. Individual needs depend on factors such as age, breed, activity and housing conditions.

    Drinking is important! Please always provide fresh water.

    Please store in a cool and dry place. Do not store near cleaning agents, medicines and other sharp smelling things!

    Important: Please make sure that your furry friend does not swallow Sammy's Tooth Fairy whole. 

    Package: 250 g.