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  • Premium quality carabiners

    ManMat ESKIMO HOOK for dogs activity

     ManMat ESKIMO HOOK enough of frozen snaps - upgraded version of the traditional Inuit way of attaching the side cord and harness. It is great solution for active dogsledding in temperatures below zero. 

    Price 150
    LIROS SOFT SHACKLE for dogs activity

    LIROS SOFT SHACKLE   is the solution! 100 % made of high-strength fiber Dyneema® SK78 

    Price 1599 - 2750
    PANIC SNAP HOOK for dogs activity

     PANIC SNAP HOOK  the safety releasing system of this snap guarantees an immediate detachment and protect you and your dog from possible injuries. 

    Price 1255
    MANMAT BRONZE SNAPS SMALL for dogs activity

    MANMAT BRONZE SNAPS SMALL quality bronze carabiners are some of the most used carabiners for mushing and dog sports ever. 

    Price 535
    MANMAT BRONZE SNAPS LARGE for dogs activity

    MANMAT BRONZE SNAPS LARGE are one of the most common type for mushing and dog sports in general 

    Price 620
  • Premium quality carabiners