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Frisbee equipment for dogs

  • Looking for a frisbee to play with your dog? In our shop you will find frisbees in different sizes, shapes and colours for this fun pastime.


    • Hyperflite
    • Hero Disc USA
    SUPERSONIC 215 ICE DAY discs for dogs frisbee

    SUPERSONIC 215 ICE DAY  discs are made from the same durable, bite-resistant plastic as the SuperSonic 215 K9 Candy discs 

    Price 2650
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    SUPERSONIC 215 K9 CANDY disc fos dod frisbee

    SuperSonic 215 K9 Candy discis a smaller, lighter version of the SuperHero 235 

    Price 1995
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    Hyperflite JAWZ frisbee disc for dogs

    Hyperflite’s Jawz frisbee disc is the toughest and best-flying puncture-resistant competition disc ever made. 

    Price 1995
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    SUPERHERO 235 frisbee disc for dogs

    SuperHero 235 frisbee  discs come in a wide range of vivid, eye catching, translucent colors and feature puncture and bite resistant plastic 

    Price 1950
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    SUPERAERO 235 - STARLITE frisbee disc for dogs

    SuperAero 235 - Starlite  frisbee is an advanced durability disc that is much lighter than it's SuperStar 235 

    Price 1995
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    SUPERSTAR 235 frisbee disc for dog

    SuperStar 235 fisbee  is a durable, bite resistant disc for dogs

    Price 2150
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    HERO XTRA 235 FREESTYLE frisbee for dogs

    XTRA 235 FREESTYLE has turned heads due to its durability, flight characteristics, and wallet-friendly price 

    Price 995
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    HERO XTRA 235 DISTANCE frisbee for dogs

    Xtra 235 Distance sticky plastic that allows you to grip it and rip it, even with a disc coated in dog slobber 

    Price 980
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    SUPER HERO 235 ICE DYE frisbee for dogs

    SuperSwirl Ice Dyes are made from the same durable, bite-resistant plastic  

    Price 2850
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    HERO AIR 235 frisbee for dogs

    Hero AIR 235 one of the finest K-9 flying discs on the market 

    Price 820
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  • Frisbee - for fun time with your pet!