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ManMat ESKIMO HOOK for dogs activity

  • ManMat ESKIMO HOOK for dogs activity

     ManMat ESKIMO HOOK enough of frozen snaps - upgraded version of the traditional Inuit way of attaching the side cord and harness. It is great solution for active dogsledding in temperatures below zero. 

  • These lightweight plastic pins in the shape of a "banana" perfectly replace classic bronze snaps.

    They are made of high quality plastic resistant against frost and sun.

    All edges and corners are rounded to prevent damage to the cord or accidental injury.

    The holes are made for a line with a diameter of up to 8 mm.

    • special PVC material
    • resistant to freezing conditions and sun
    • easy to wash 
    • light weight
    • they don't crack
    • they don't freeze
    • resist dirt such as mud, dirt or dog excrement
    • easy to wash