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NYLABONE X Bone chewing dog toy

  • NYLABONE X Bone chewing dog toy

    NYLABONE X Bone mega-strong chewing dog toy  with beef taste

  • Are you looking for a toy that is easy for your dog to grab? Discover the solid X-shaped teether - X Bone teether by Nylabone! This nylon bone cross guarantees easy grip and lots of great fun. 

    Playing with the mega-strong nylon X Bone will effectively discourage your dog from destroying other things. This is one of the most durable teethers on the market! Additionally, the X shape ensures an easy and secure grip - X Bone will also work well when fetching. 

    X Bone has as many as 4 profiled tips with stripes and protrusions - not only do they make the fun more attractive, but:

    • reduce tartarus,
    • freshen breath,
    • help clean teeth.

    And all this while having fantastic and safe fun! 

    The cross-shaped X Bone is a very appetizing snack - it tastes exactly like juicy beef ! Dogs go crazy for this taste! The teether teaches proper chewing habits - it 100% satisfies a dog's natural need to bite!  

    The X Bone chewing bone in size L is ideal for larger breed dogs weighing up to 23 kg. 

    Buy your dog a toy that is easy to catch - X Bone ! It will successfully withstand many hours of tumbling and chewing :) 

    Characteristic features of the X Bone dog toy - chewing bones :
    Size: L

    • Dog weight: up to 23 kg
    • Colour: Blue
    • Material: Strong nylon
    • Flavor: Beef 

    Does your dog destroy everything in its path? Get him a toy made of extremely durable material ! The appropriate degree of hardness will effectively keep your dog busy and discourage him from playing with other objects.