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NYLABONE DuraChew Cheese Bone Chewing dog toy

  • NYLABONE DuraChew Cheese Bone Chewing dog toy

    NYLABONE DuraChew Cheese Bone Chewing extremely durable dog toy  with cheese  taste

  • Are you looking for an extremely durable toy for your larger dog? Discover the strongest of the toys produced by Nylabone - the DuraChew cheese bone ! It's so durable that even the most obstinate ruminant can't handle it! 

    The strong nylon DuraChew bone is a real treat for lovers of loooong chewing. It is so hard that it effectively discourages the destruction of other items. 

    Even more chewing fun is guaranteed by the characteristic for cheese with holes - HOLES !

    Yes, yes - a variety of textures is an even more attractive morsel for a dog.

    Additionally, it helps clean teeth and reduces tartar 

    And the best thing is that DuraChew tastes like cheese !

    Additionally, you can fill the specially designed protrusions with liquid treats - which will stimulate the dog's senses and engage in logical play in obtaining treats.treats - which will stimulate your dog's senses and engage you in logical play in getting 

    The DuraChew Cheese Bone in size L is perfect for larger breed dogs weighing up to 23 kg. 

    Say goodbye to damaged furniture and your favorite slippers - buy DuraChew Cheese Bone and give your dog the entertainment he needs! 

    Characteristics of the DuraChew Cheese Bone dog toy :
    Size: L

    • Dog weight: up to 23 kg
    • Colour: Yellow
    • Material: Strong nylon 

    Does your dog destroy everything in its path? Get him a toy made of extremely durable DuraChew material! The appropriate degree of hardness will effectively keep your dog busy and discourage him from playing with other objects