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Nylabone Bully Stick Extreme Bone chewing dog toy

  • Nylabone Bully Stick Extreme Bone chewing dog toy

    Nylabone Bully Stick Extreme Bone beef penis flavor chewing dog toy 

  • Does your dog have a hunter's instinct , but so far he has mainly hunted for shoes and furniture? He likes intense biting and chewing , but most toys immediately fall apart under the force of his jaw? Not this time! Bully Stick Extreme Bone by Nylabone is an ultra-durable toy that will tempt your pet with the taste of beef penis . You won't feel any unpleasant smell , and for the dog it will be a real treat and fun for a long time!

    The Stick Bone toy is made of extremely durable nylon . It was designed for dogs with an intense or even aggressive biting and chewing style .

    Stick Bone has a practical shape resembling a throwing ring , but with much more refined details . The toy is inspired by the appearance and texture of a real beef penis and rawhide . The interwoven structure and non-uniform beige-brown colors arouse the pet's curiosity and stimulate its senses . The teether has been designed to best satisfy the dog's natural hunting instinct and the need to bite and chew . The dog will want to explore every, even the smallest, groove in the toy with its mouth. It will take him a really long time!

    Nylanone toys are recommended by veterinarians . Stick Bone is much safer than regular animal parts. Why? It does not spatter, break or crack . So it won't hurt your pet. It prevents choking because the fragments of the toy torn off by the dog when biting can be up to the size of a grain of rice. Stick Bone also helps develop proper chewing reflex and strengthen the jaw muscles . Moreover, unlike traditional bones and other animal parts, it does not emit unpleasant odors, does not smear and does not get dirty .

    And that taste! Dogs cannot resist him . It is very intense and permeates the entire surface of the toy . It is triggered by biting and chewing, which encourages your pet to be more active . Stick Bone has no calories and reduces the desire for other delicacies. Therefore, it will be a great gift for any dog ​​on a diet . The toy also makes it easier for your pet to maintain the correct body weight .

    The taste of Stick Bone cannot be licked off or washed off . It lasts as long as the toy itself. For the same reason, it is easy to renew your pet's interest in a teether . How to do it? Simply scrape the surface of the Stick Bone lightly and give the toy to your pet. Once he starts biting, he won't want to stop!

    Stick Bone also keeps your dog's teeth clean. The smooth surface of the toy becomes rough when chewed. There are tiny hairs floating on it that remove plaque like a mini toothbrush . In this way, they also freshen breath and counteract tartar . Ring Bone is a pleasant and tasty support for oral hygiene!

    Many dogs destroy objects at home to release excess energy and emotions . The delicious taste of Stick Bone will make your favorite shoes no longer seem so attractive. This toy perfectly copes with dog boredom, separation anxiety, stress and destructive behavior .

    Rolling, pulling, or maybe fetching? These are just a few of the fun possibilities that Stick Bone offers . You can use the teether during training or as a reward . You can comfortably hold the ringo in your hand and the dog in your mouth . It is also perfect for independent biting and chewing .

    The Stick Bone toy is suitable for outdoor or indoor play. You can easily clean it under running warm water using a mild detergent (e.g. soap). The toy will be quickly refreshed, hygienic and ready for further play!

    Bully Stick Extreme Bone in size L is a perfect toy for medium-sized adult dogs weighing up to 23 kg with an aggressive biting and chewing style . If your dog bites gently, we recommend the Moderate series . The Puppy line is intended for puppies with milk teeth .

    Order your pet the mega-durable Bully Stick Extreme Bone toy with the taste of beef penis - it will satisfy the hunter's instinct and the natural need to bite and chew!

    Characteristic features of the Bully Stick Extreme Bone dog toy:

    • Size: L
    • Toy length: 19.3 cm
    • Taste: beef penis
    • Color: cream and beige
    • Material: very durable nylon
    • Perfect for: medium-sized adult dogs up to 23 kg body weight  

    Is your dog like a tornado and destroys everything in its path? Give him a gift in the form of a durable, flavored chew toy . Adjust it to the age, size, weight and chewing style of your pet. This will most effectively encourage him to play for a long time and at the same time discourage him from biting clothes, furniture and biting you!