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VegDog VISH OIL for dogs

  • VegDog VISH OIL for dogs

    Our VEGDOG VISH OIL made from hemp, algae and linseed oil 

  • Our VEGDOG VISH OIL made from hemp, algae and linseed oil provides your dog with essential and important fatty acids (such as EPA and DHA) that contribute to your dog's health. VEGDOG VISH OIL can also help alleviate symptoms in certain clinical pictures. It can support kidney function or have an anti-inflammatory effect in osteoarthritis.

    For an optimal result, we work together with veterinarians, so that VEGDOG VISH OIL is an excellent alternative to conventional fish oil. In addition to the effect on dog health, one ton of VEGDOG VISH OIL spares 60 tons of fish that would be fished out of the sea for real fish oil.

    For environmental and animal welfare reasons alone, our vegan fish oil is a reason to feed your dog vegan. And for our VEGDOG VISH OIL, the algae are not even harvested from the sea, where they would be the habitat and food for numerous creatures. They are grown in sugar-based tanks. In this way, we ensure not only consistent product quality, but also that no pollutants such as microplastics or mineral oil accumulate in our oil. On the one hand, this process is very energy-efficient and, on the other hand, it conserves resources.

    VEGDOG VISH OIL is therefore very sustainable and also free of any animal components. It is also ideal for allergy sufferers who suffer from itching or whose skin barrier needs to be strengthened. Consuming the right fatty acids also generally supports cognitive ability, vision and a healthy immune system.

    In other words: If you get curious, you can also use the VEGDOG VISH OIL as a health booster for your own meals.

    And true to our motto “DO GOOD. FEED BETTER.” the ingredients are largely of regional origin and meet the highest quality standards and were developed without animal testing. No genetically modified raw materials are used. For the health of dogs and the protection of fish and seas!

    Composition: hemp oil 60%, linseed oil 20%, algae oil 20%

    Feeding recommendation: Daily amount in grams (approximate values; to be adjusted to individual living conditions such as exercise, breed, activity, season and metabolism)

    weight dog     2kg-5kg     5kg-10kg     10kg - 15kg     15kg-20kg    20kg-30kg     30kg - 40kg    40kg-50kg    50kg-60kg    60kg - 70kg    70kg - 80kg
    per day          1/3 - 1/2     1/2 - 1           1 - 1 1/2           1/2              1/2 - 1            1                     1 - 1 1/3       1 1/3             1 1/3 - 1 1/2     1 1/2 - 2
                          teaspoon per day                                    tablespoon per day 

    Feeding recommendations are only guidelines, the needs of the individual dog may vary.

    Analytical components: 

    Fat >90%, saturated fatty acids 12.6%, monounsaturated fatty acids 9.0%, polyunsaturated fatty acids 78.1%, carbohydrates <0.3%, of which sugars 0%, protein
    <0.3%, Calorie content: 880 kcal/ 3.68 MJ convertible energy per 100g feed

    Nutritional additives per kg feed: no

    Storage: Store cool and dry 

    Package: 250 ml