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VEGDOG VEGGIES Immune 125g vegan snacks for dog

  • VEGDOG VEGGIES Immune 125g vegan snacks for dog

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    VEGDOG VEGGIES Immune   purely plant-based V-Snacks with sea buckthorn and turmeric. 

  • VEGDOG VEGGIES immune are the innovative, healthy, purely plant-based snacks with sea buckthorn and turmeric. They are the perfect booster for your faithful companion's immune system.

    We love snacks! All the better if they are also healthy and good for our four-legged friends. But that's not enough: with our VEGGIES immune , your dog not only has a tasty, healthy treat, but also saves the climate. Compared to snacks containing meat, you save 1kg of CO2 - this corresponds to a car journey of approx. 6km per pack!

    Snacking green and healthy - that's possible with our VEGGIES immune ! Together with veterinarians, we have developed the special recipe that strengthens your furry friend's immune system: The sea buckthorn it contains is one of the very rare, natural sources of vitamin B12, which is very important for the nerves, metabolism and psyche. In addition, sea buckthorn has a very high content of vitamin C. Turmeric, on the other hand, has an anti-inflammatory effect and at the same time provides your dog with a lot of iron.
    Thanks to the hypoallergenic recipe, VEGDOG VEGGIES are also suitable for people with feed allergies.

    True to our motto "Feed good, do good", this snack was sustainably produced in northern Germany. The ingredients are mostly of regional origin and of course meet the highest quality standards. In addition, the VEGDOG VEGGIES do not contain any attractants, colorings or preservatives. And since we want to protect all animals, we naturally refrain from animal testing.

    Legal information on feeding: Feeding recommendations are only guidelines, the needs of the individual dog may vary.

    Storage: Store cool and dry. After opening, reseal airtight to prevent drying out.

    Composition: Potato, 20% fava bean*, vegetable by-products, 1% sea buckthorn*, 0.5% turmeric*, (*ground)

    Analytical components: Crude protein 18.3%, crude fat 1.6%, crude fiber 1.6%, crude ash 4.4%, moisture 15.0%

    Caloric content: 307 kcal/100g

    Feeding recommendation

    Daily amount in pieces (approximate values; to be adjusted to individual living conditions such as exercise, breed, activity, season and metabolism)

    Feeding recommendations are only guidelines, the needs of the individual dog may vary.

    Dog weight   daily amount
    5kg              10 grams/day
    10kg            15 grams/day
    15kg            20 grams/day
    25kg            30 grams/day
    35kg            40 grams/day