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Sammy's herbal bones 1 kg dogs treats with lamb

  • Sammy's herbal bones 1 kg dogs treats with lamb

     Sammy's herbal bones  1 kg dogs treats with lamb 

  • Sammy's exquisite herb mix of fennel and dandelion brings back memories of warm summer evenings and wild romps through colorful, tall natural meadows - with that special smell of freedom and adventure.

    Fine lamb rounds off the gently oven-baked herb bone and is especially suitable for small lamb lovers.

    Whether on hot summer days or cozy winter evenings, herb bones always go.

    * Even with the greatest care in the production and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources can not be excluded. 

    • Gently baked herb bone with lamb for your furry nose.
    • With fine lamb, fennel & dandelion
    • Special aroma
    • Cardboard 100% recyclable 

    Composition: Wheat flour, wheat, wheat semolina bran, poultry fat, lamb protein (dried, 4%), minerals, glycerin (vegetable), fennel (dried, 1%), skim milk powder, dandelion (dried, 0.5%), brewer's yeast (dried). 

    Analytical components: Convertible energy 342 kcal/100 g (14.3 MJ/kg), protein 17.0%, fat content 7.5%, crude fiber 2.0%, crude ash 6.7%. 

    Nutritional additives per kg
    Vitamin A 5.000 I. E., Vitamin D3 500 I. E., Vitamin E 75 mg.

    Trace elements per kg
    Zinc (as zinc oxide) 20 mg, copper (as copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate) 7 mg.

    Technological additives

    Our feeding recommendation
    Ideal weight of your dog      Snacks per week
    2,5 - 15,0 kg                         2 - 7 Piece
    15,0 - 30,0 kg                       7 - 13 Piece
    30,0 - 60,0 kg                      13 - 21 Piece

    Please consider the addition of our snacks in the total daily ration of your pelt nose.
    This information is a guideline. Individual needs depend on factors such as age, breed, activity and housing conditions.

    Drinking is important! Please always provide fresh water.

    Please store in a cool and dry place. Do not store near cleaning agents, medicines and other sharp smelling things!

    Important: Please make sure that your furry friend does not swallow Sammy's Tooth Fairy whole.