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OLIVER'S OMEGA 3 BOOST salmon oil super supplement the elbows and hips for dogs and cats.

  • OLIVER'S OMEGA 3 BOOST salmon oil super supplement the elbows and hips for dogs and cats.

    OLIVER'S OMEGA 3 BOOST  salmon oil super supplement the elbows and hips for dogs and cats. 

  • Super supplement the elbows and hips for dogs and cats.

    Oliver's Boody Boost is a supplement designed for dogs and cats with a high content of chondroitin, among other things, an effective dietary supplement that has a positive impact on the joints and tendons. Contains extract of Devil's Claw plant (devil's claw), and ginger root extract, and shark cartilage. 

    The content of the feed materials out of 5:

    Chondroitin*, sulfate, maltodextrin, Vegetable oil (coconut)
    Feed additives:

    Ginger Root Extract, an extract of shark cartilage.
    L-ascorbic acid, flavor.
    ECC - permitted preservatives.
    Trace elements: manganese (E5) 0.22 mg
    Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens)

    Water - 71%
    Ash - 2.7%
    Protein - 1%
    Fiber - 1%
    Fat - 1%

    0-30kg 4ml
    31-50kg 8ml
    51 kg 12ml

    Oliver's Boody Supplement Boost, apply 8 weeks, and then do a 3 week break, and then repeats treatment.

    Devil's claw-(Harpagophytum procumbens) - also known as the Devil's claw is some desert plant that has beautiful red flowers and large green leaves. I can only see when they are in the Kalahari desert rain, and if the drought lasts several months, this plant lives by its long roots.

    In Europe, mainly in Germany conducted a study on the effectiveness of Devil's Claw in rheumatic ailments.

    At the beginning of this agent was tested with good results in the rat, and then a number of studies conducted in humans. It turned out that the root of this plant is extremely effective in eliminating rheumatic pains, but it also has many uses: allergy, pain wielomięśniowy, organ disease, gout, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, myalgia, neuralgia, obesity, prostate, rheumatoid arthritis, impaired immunity, digestive disorders, nephritis, ligaments, hepatitis, and other veins.

    Devil's Claw is a measure to eliminate or cleanses the body of toxic substances. It also works against reumatycznie and inflammation.

    *Chondroitin - an organic compound from the group of glycosaminoglycans, mucopolysaccharide composed of alternating glucuronic acid residues present, and N-acetylgalactosamine. It is one of the major components of the articular cartilage, in the form of sulphate which plays an important role in the elimination of friction between contacting moving parts of the joint. The mechanical properties strongly depend on the salt concentration in the surrounding fluid. There is evidence that long-term deviations from normal physiological concentrations in articular cartilage, reducing the effectiveness of chondroitin sulfate slip can lead to rheumatic diseases.

    Amount: 1L