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Nylabone X Shaped Chew Puppy Toy for puppies with their first teeth

  • Nylabone X Shaped Chew Puppy Toy for puppies with their first teeth

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    Nylabone X Shaped Chew Puppy Toy for puppies with their first teeth 

  • You have a puppy - destroyer and you put a cross on every pair of shoes left on the floor? Bet on Beef Puppy X by Nylabone instead ! This is a very sturdy , X-shaped bone and blue puppy toy . It will encourage your pet to play longer with its irregular shape, texture and taste of beef!

    The Beef Puppy X toy was created for puppies with their first teeth - milk and permanent, and during teething . Puppies need softer chews. For this reason, Beef Puppy X is made of softer and more flexible, but also durable, hygienic and non-toxic nylon . It is completely safe for teeth, gums and mouth , and at the same time teaches the correct chewing reflex .

    Beef Puppy X does not splatter , unlike ordinary bones , and its smooth surface becomes "rough" only when biting. The fine bristles lift on the bone and thus act as a thorough mini toothbrush . Cleans and prevents tartar build-up and freshens breath . With Beef Puppy X , your pet's teeth will be whiter and healthier!

    Beef Puppy X prevents choking - if by some miracle your puppy is able to bite off a piece, it will be as small as a grain of rice. 

    Puppies learn about the world by putting things in their mouths. However, biting and chewing is not only a way to get to know your surroundings and play , but also to get rid of discomfort and relieve pain during teething . This is why puppies are more likely to destroy items in the home than adult dogs . Beef Puppy X will help your pet during the eruption of new teeth .

    Beef Puppy X has as many as 4 tips with stripes and insets . Thanks to the irregular shape and texture of the toy, your puppy's senses will be stimulated and he will want to play, bite and chew for much longer!

    Beef Puppy X has a beef flavor that puppies love! Are you afraid that the toy will lose its properties after some time? No Beef Puppy X! Just scrape the surface of the already used toy to release its amazing and intense flavor again! In this way, you will quickly give the bones a new life and make your pet irresistible. He will immediately want to play !

    Beef Puppy X's delicious flavor permeates the entire bone and lasts as long as chewing , as the toy is not sprayed, dipped or coated in any way. So there is no chance for him to be licked by a quadruped ! At the same time, it is chewing that triggers the taste of the toy. Moreover, Beef Puppy X does not emit unpleasant odors . Thanks to this, your pet will be busy chewing for longer , and you will not feel it on your own skin and in your nostrils!

    Beef Puppy X thanks to the shape of the bones and the letter X is great for playing in dragging and fetching ! Easier to grab for both you and your pet. The puppy will also easily hold it during many hours of chewing .

    And after playing, just clean the Beef Puppy X under warm water using a gentle and non-toxic detergent. The toy has been designed in such a way that you will wash away everything except its taste ! Easy cleaning makes this toy great for both indoor and outdoor play !

    The Beef Puppy X toy in size XS and 9 cm long will be perfect for puppies weighing up to 7 kg . 

    Order now the durable Beef Puppy X by Nylabone toy that is easy to grab - your pup will stop playing tug-of- war by destroying clothes and furniture and will focus on biting and chewing for hours! 

    Characteristics of the Beef Puppy XS puppy toy :
    Size: XS
    Length: 9 cm
    Flavor: beef
    Colour: blue
    Material: nylon
    Ideal for: Puppies up to 7 kg body weight 

    Your dog is like a tornado and destroys everything in its path? Give him a gift in the form of a durable flavored toy with an irregular texture , which will most effectively encourage him to play for a long time and at the same time discourage him from biting clothes, furniture and biting you!