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  • Nylabone TOUGH ULTIMATE STRENGHT dog toy

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    Nylabone TOUGH ULTIMATE STRENGHT dog toy with the aroma of beef 

  • Toys - that is what pets like the most. What if the toy still bounced and "ran away" , was enriched with the aroma of beef and in addition had a special hole for treats ? There would be no end to happiness and fun! This is how the Cone dog toy from NYLABONE is designed - all with the best fun for your dog in mind.

    The Cone toy was made of high-quality non-toxic reinforced rubber - resistant to biting and tearing , which perfectly bounces in all directions , guaranteeing immeasurable fun . In addition, the black color makes it easier to find the toy - especially when your dog is playing outside.

    Cone is shaped like a snowman - which makes it easy for your dog to catch it in its teeth - the toy is also perfect for fetching. Size L is intended for adult, medium and large dogs weighing up to 23 kg - the toy is 12 cm in size .

    The Cone toy has special holes that you can fill with treats - thanks to this you will entertain your four-legged friend with great fun for a long time . In addition, it has been enriched with insets thanks to which your dog massages his gums and cleans his teeth while playing . To encourage even more fun and biting, the toy has been enriched with the aroma of beef.

    Characteristics of the Cone dog toy:
    Size: L
    Size: 12 cm
    Dog weight: up to 23 kg
    Black colour
    Material: reinforced non-toxic rubber
    Flavor: beef
    Additional information: the ability to fill the toy with treats

    Remember to choose the size and type of toy according to the weight and size of your dog . Thanks to this, you will avoid problems with the quick destruction of the toy and the possibility of your pet swallowing sharp and protruding elements from a badly selected gadget.