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Nylabone Moderate Dental Bone dog toy

  • Nylabone Moderate Dental Bone dog toy

    Nylabone Moderate Dental Bone dog toy for  less aggressive biting style 

  • Adult dogs often suffer from dental problems . They have to bite and chew to mechanically clean their teeth and relieve their emotions . At the same time, some dogs and some breeds often have a less intense biting style . Solid and durable toys are recommended for them , but also softer than traditional bones . In addition, dogs need variety . That's why the tasty Moderate Dental Bone by Nylabone was created for the dog's fun and oral hygiene at the same time !

    The toy is made of a soft and flexible thermoplastic polymer . It was created for dogs that have a less aggressive biting style . Chews are completely safe and gentle for dog's teeth and gums . The dog has extra fun because, in addition to biting and chewing, he can bend them! Although the toy has the shape of a bone, it does not dissolve, does not break and does not create sharp edges - the pet will not be hurt by them .

    Chicken Moderate Dental Bone - a blue bone with a chicken flavor - is designed to keep your teeth clean and massage your gums even better .

    The toy reduces stress, separation anxiety and prevents destructive behavior . With Moderate Dental Bone, your shoes and other items will finally be safe!

    The flavor never ends and never loses its intensity . It penetrates deep into the bones and lasts as long as chewing. The dog won't lick it off and you won't be able to wash it off . The toys are tasty but have no calories! They will replace the pet with other delicacies. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to take care of the correct weight of your quadruped or make his reduction diet more pleasant!

    And how to encourage your pet to chew toys ? All you have to do is scratch them lightly and give them to the dog. As soon as he puts them in his mouth, he will be overcome by the power of taste that he will not be able to resist! Similarly, you can rekindle your dog's interest in an already used chew.

    This bone, unlike many traditional ones, does not emit unpleasant odors . You do not have to ventilate the rooms after each use. It does not smudge and does not leave stains on the carpet and sofa. If the dog manages to bite off a piece of the toy, it will be no bigger than a grain of rice. The dog won't choke on them!

    This toy is a huge support and power in the fight for healthy teeth and gums ! It has been very cleverly designed - when chewing a bone, its surface becomes rough due to the lifting of fine bristles. It wipes away plaque like a micro-brush . In this way, the teether prevents the formation of tartar and freshens the breath . It teaches the correct chewing reflex and helps to strengthen the jaw muscles . It is recommended by veterinarians.

    In addition, the densely spaced nubs on the Chicken Moderate Dantal Bone toys further enhance the tooth-cleaning effect . The bone - thanks to longer protrusions - gets even better into hard-to-reach places and massages the gums .

    You can easily clean the toy and keep it in a hygienic condition . It is best to scrub it with a brush under warm water using a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and that's it! She will be ready for more adventures with your pet!

    The Moderate Dental Bone is the perfect gift for your pet or a dog of a loved one. Both the dog and its owner will be happy with such a gift.

    The Moderate Dental Bone in size S will be perfect for small and medium adult dogs up to 11 kg that like to bite and chew less intensively  

    The Moderate Dental Bone in size M will serve perfectly small and medium adult dogs weighing up to 16 kg that like to bite and chew less intensively . If your dog has an aggressive biting style, we recommend the Nylabone Extreme series . On the other hand, the Puppy line is designed for puppies with milk teeth .

    The Moderate Dental Bone in size M will be perfect for medium to large adult dogs up to 23 kg that like to bite and chew less intensively 

    Order the Nylabone Moderate Dental Bone flavored toy for your dog for extra fun with biting and chewing and maintaining proper oral hygiene!

    Characteristics of Moderate Dental Bone:

    Size: S
    Flavor: chicken
    Bone length: 11.6 cm
    color: blue,
    Material: soft thermoplastic polymer
    Ideal for: small and medium adult dogs up to 11 kg body weight 
    Size: M
    Flavor: chicken
    Bone length: 14.6 cm
    color: blue,
    Material: soft thermoplastic polymer
    Ideal for: small and medium adult dogs up to 16 kg body weight

    Dydis: L
    Skonis: vištiena
    Kaulo ilgis: 20 cm
    spalva: mėlyna,
    Medžiaga: minkštas termoplastinis polimeras
    Idealiai tinka: vidutiniams ir dideliems suaugusiems šunims iki 23 kg kūno svorio 

    Your dog is like a tornado and destroys everything in its path? Give him a gift in the form of a durable flavored chew toy . Adjust it to the age, size, weight and chewing style of your pet. Then it will most effectively encourage him to play for a long time and at the same time discourage him from biting clothes, furniture and nibbling on you!