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Nylabone Extreme Shish Kebab extremely durable and tasty dog toy

  • Nylabone Extreme Shish Kebab extremely durable and tasty dog toy

    Nylabone Extreme Shish Kebab extremely durable and tasty dog toy 

  • Dog kebabs ? Everything is possible with Nylabone ! The company has created the Chicken Jerky Extreme Shish Kebab chew toy - extremely durable and tasty . If your dog has already destroyed all his toys and moved on to furniture and shoes, then this chew is for him! The irregular shape and texture will stimulate your pet to play longer . In addition, chewing triggers the taste of dried chicken in this kebab . The dog will immediately attack him!

    Dogs need a variety of stimuli to keep them from getting bored . Biting and chewing is also sometimes caused by separation anxiety (when you are not at home) and stress . Regardless of the reason why your dog destroys everything that is within reach of his mouth, the kebab will remedy them!

    The toy was made of super durable and non-toxic nylon . Just like a regular kebab, it has a non-uniform shape and texture , which additionally stimulates the pet's senses . Plus the delicious taste of dried chicken - this toy will keep your dog busy for hours!

    In addition, the teether teaches the correct chewing reflex and takes care of the health of teeth and gums . Thanks to the fact that the tiny hairs rise on the toy, it works like a very precise micro toothbrush ! It cleans teeth , but also prevents the build-up of plaque and tartar , and additionally freshens breath ! The toy is so strong that your dog will not be able to break it. If he manages to bite off a piece, it will be no more than a grain of rice! This means that the teether prevents choking .

    The taste of delicious dried chicken that never ends ? Yes! It lasts as long as life and chewing a kebab along its entire length! It will not be licked by the dog because the toy is not sprayed, dipped or coated in any way.

    Chewing and biting release an amazing and intense flavor , but that's not the only way to unleash it. Just scrape the surface of the toy to give it a new life . It is also a great way to encourage your dog to play - this taste will not be resisted !

    This kebab will not stain your pet. What's more - you can easily clean it and keep it hygienic with warm water and a mild detergent. The teether has been designed in such a way that you won't wash out its taste !

    The fun can continue at its best both indoors and outdoors . Retrieving, or maybe dragging ? No matter what activity you choose, you will feel comfortable while playing with your pet. Although the toy is tasty for the dog, it does not emit any unpleasant odors .

    The toy in size L and 21.2 cm long will be perfect for large dogs weighing up to 23 kg. 

    The toy in size XL and length of 27.9 cm will be perfect for very large dogs weighing over 23 kg. 

    Order the extremely durable Chicken Jerky Extreme Shish Kebab toy from Nylabone that looks like a kebab, tastes like a delicious dried chicken and will take care of your dog 's teeth and the need to chew and chew! 

    Characteristics of the Chicken Jerky Extreme Shish Kebab dog toy :
    Size: L
    Length: 21.2 cm
    Taste: dried chicken
    Colour: brown and cream
    Material: nylon
    Ideal for: large dogs up to 23 kg body weight  

    Size : XL
    Length: 27.9 cm
    Taste: dried chicken
    Colour: brown and cream
    Material: nylon
    Ideal for: very large dogs over 23 kg body weight  

    Your dog is like a tornado and destroys everything in its path? Give him a gift in the form of a durable flavored toy with an irregular texture , which will most effectively encourage him to play for a long time and at the same time discourage him from biting clothes, furniture and biting you!