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Nylabone Extreme Jerky Soup Bone extremely durable dog toy

  • Nylabone Extreme Jerky Soup Bone extremely durable dog toy

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    Nylabone Extreme Jerky Soup Bone extremely durable chewing dog toy 

  • You have a very large dog and no toy has survived its strong jaw ? With Duck Jerky Extreme Bone by Nylabone it will be different! It is extremely durable and durable - this toy was created for the most demanding pets . At the same time, it is hygienic and safe , takes care of teeth and tastes like dried duck . It's time for delicious hunting fun!

    This is no ordinary bone! It does not break, it does not crack - it is safe . All this thanks to the maximum durability of nylon , which is also non-toxic . The dog will not be able to destroy it . The toy has been designed so that it is possible to bite off a piece no larger than a grain of rice. This prevents choking.

    Bone also protects the health of teeth and gums . It removes plaque, freshens breath and prevents the formation of tartar . All this thanks to the tiny bristles that rise on the toy when chewing and act like a very precise tiny toothbrush!

    The toy also teaches the correct chewing reflex! Its irregular shape and texture are also not accidental - they not only care for the teeth, but also provide many different stimuli and stimulate the quadruped's senses. All this so that he can spend many hours playing !

    In addition, this amazing taste of dried duck ... dogs love it ! Chewing triggers it, so your pup just won't be able to hold back ! The same will happen when you scrape the surface of the bone . Try it and see that the taste does not lose its intensity over time . Penetrates the entire bone lengthwise and across. The bone is not sprayed, coated or dipped in it in any way. Thanks to this, the dog, despite its willingness , will not lick the taste , and you will not accidentally wash it off!

    The bone also takes care of your pet's line - it has a delicious taste, but no calories!

    In addition, the bone does not emit an unpleasant odor. So play comfortably with your dog at home and outside ! After playing , you can easily clean the bone with warm water and a mild detergent. This bone is very hygienic .

    The XL bone with a length of 19.4 cm will be perfect for very large dogs and giant breeds weighing over 23 kg .

    The dog has already destroyed all his toys and is waiting for your favorite shoes? don't wait! Buy now the mega-durable Duck Jerky Extreme Bone by Nylabone with the taste of dried duck !  

    Characteristics of the Duck Jerky Extreme Bone dog toy :
    Size : XL
    Length: 19.4 cm
    Taste: dried duck
    Colour: brown and orange
    Material: nylon
    Ideal for: very large dogs and giant breeds - over 23 kg body weight 

    Your dog is like a tornado and destroys everything in its path? Give him a gift in the form of a durable flavored toy with an irregular texture , which will most effectively encourage him to play for a long time and at the same time discourage him from biting clothes, furniture and biting you!