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Nylabone Extreme DuraChew Bone Chewing dog toy

  • Nylabone Extreme DuraChew Bone Chewing dog toy

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    Nylabone Extreme DuraChew Bone Chewing dog toy for larger dogs 

  • Do you have a big dog with a powerful jaw that he likes to use? If so, you know she needs a proper, hyper-resistant chew toy! The Nylabone brand specializes in creating just such teethers! Extreme DuraChew Bone will satisfy the need to chew and bite dogs that have a strong and even aggressive chewing style . It will soothe the nerves, drive away boredom and clean your teeth. Plus it's delicious! The intense taste of the toy's bacon will make your pet stop destroying your furniture and shoes!

    For larger dogs that have a lot of strength and like intense and strong biting, a toy for special tasks is needed! That's why Nylabone created the Extreme DuraChew Bone from mega-durable nylon . Even your dog will be surprised how much it can withstand!

    The shape of the bone with numerous and varied protrusions fascinates dogs and provides a variety of chewing and biting sensations . Such a multitude of details and stimuli stimulates the pet's senses and absorbs his attention for a long time.

    If your dog is bored, breaks things, suffers from separation anxiety or stress, it means that he needs to relieve his emotions somehow! Extreme DuraChew Bone will help him with this! In addition, the bone teaches the correct chewing reflex .

    Extreme DuraChew Bone cares for your pet's entertainment, but also for his teeth and gums! The fine bone bristles lift up as you bite and act as a fine mini toothbrush. This prevents the build-up of plaque and tartar. It also refreshes the dog's breath. The protrusions and other protuberances of the bones further enhance these beneficial effects! The toy will definitely help to keep your pet's teeth white and gums healthy!  

    Extreme DuraChew Bone also has a delicious and intense bacon flavor! Your dog will go crazy over it! It penetrates the entire bone and gives the dog extra pleasure while chewing . This taste cannot be licked off by the dog and you cannot wash it off . The toy is not sprayed, coated or dipped in any way. Special production technology makes the taste last as long as the bone itself!

    In addition, the toy does not emit unpleasant odors , so the dog can enjoy it at home, and you will feel ... comfortable!

    The Extreme DuraChew Bone is also great for dog eaters who need to control their weight. Thanks to the toy, they can even lose weight. Why? The chew toy activates even the biggest lazy dogs to play, bite and chew. Thus, it helps to burn calories. How much does it deliver? Bone has no calories!

    With this toy you can constantly rekindle your dog's interest. How to do it? All you have to do is scrape the surface of the bone ! It then releases the full intensity of the flavor again . Give it to your dog and watch him throw himself back into the fun with renewed enthusiasm!

    Extreme DuraChew Bone has many uses. The dog can play with it on its own or you can have a good time together! It is easy for a pet to catch a bone in both paws and mouth . You can comfortably grab it while playing fetch , dragging and during training .

    Use warm water and a mild detergent to clean Extreme DuraChew Bone . Rinse the bone thoroughly. This is important because of your dog. He will eventually put the toy in his mouth. Easy cleaning and keeping the bones in a hygienic condition means that they will serve your pet for a long time.  

    DuraChewBone meets the highest safety and sanitary standards . Its design prevents choking . The bone does not shatter . Bone flakes that break off are the size of a grain of rice!

    The Extreme DuraChew Bone in XL size will be an excellent chew for large and giant dogs weighing from 23 kg and with a strong biting style. For pets that bite gently, we recommend the Nylabone Moderate series . In turn, the Puppy line is intended for puppies .

    Order now the extremely durable Extreme DuraChew Nylon bone by Nylabone - it's a delicious bacon flavor , zero calories, clean teeth, fresh breath and 100% fun from strong biting and chewing!  

    Characteristics of the Extreme DuraChew Bone toy :
    Size: XL
    Taste: bacon
    Colors : brown
    Material: super durable nylon
    Ideal for: large and giant dogs from 23 kg body weight 

    Your dog is like a tornado and destroys everything in its path? Give him a gift in the form of a durable flavored chew toy . Adjust it to the age, size, weight and chewing style of your pet. Then it will most effectively encourage him to play for a long time and at the same time discourage him from biting clothes, furniture and nibbling on you!