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Non-Stop LINE HARNESS GRIP WD an ergonomic working dog harness

  • Non-Stop LINE HARNESS GRIP WD an ergonomic working dog harness

    Non-Stop LINE HARNESS GRIP WD an ergonomic working dog harness designed to meet the demands of tracking, training and operations. 

  • The versatile Line harness grip WD features a handle for easy handling and support during your dog's tasks. The handle is strategically positioned to prevent snagging in vegetation while providing convenient access for quick grabs when working alongside your canine companion.

    In addition to the standard leash connection point at the back, the Line harness grip WD is equipped with a dedicated connection point underneath the chest for attaching a tracking line. This allows your dog to move freely and unrestricted while tracking.

    The harness is suitable for resistance training like walking, running, biking or skiing with dogs that pull moderately. The Y-shaped neck opening provides free shoulder movement and minimal breath constraints.

    Crafted with heavy-duty materials, the products in our Working dog series offer unrivaled strength and durability. We have chosen metal buckles to provide reliability when assisting your dog over obstacles. Additionally, exposed areas of the harness are reinforced with Hypalon, a material known for its abrasion resistance, further increasing the harness's longevity.

    Your dog’s harness can be personalized with patches attached to the hook and loop fasteners.

    The Line harness grip WD comes in the color olive and is available in sizes 4-8. 

    Size                                4                 5                6                7               8
    Neck circumference       32-36 cm   36-40 cm   40-47 cm   46-51 cm   51-57 cm
    Chest circumference      41-68 cm   52-78 cm   56-87 cm   61-92 cm   67-102 cm

    Outer fabric:  Nylon
    Inner fabric: Nylon
    Webbing:  Nylon
    Alloy buckles
    Steel D-ring
    Hypalon reinforcements 
    Hook and loop fasteners 
    Color: Olive
    Sizes: 4-8


    • Max 30°C washing machine.
    • Do not tumble dry.