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MULTI-USE ALUMINET™ SHADE CLOTH minimise the effect of the intense heat of the sun

  • MULTI-USE ALUMINET™ SHADE CLOTH minimise the effect of the intense heat of the sun

    Aluminet ™Shade Cloth  helps minimise the effect of the intense heat of the sun.  


    You love heading outdoors to enjoy the cool morning breeze. Unfortunately, when the sun starts to show up, its angry rays can turn your relaxing morning into a hot and uncomfortable experience. If you leave your vehicle uncovered, the hot sun can also raise the temperature inside your car – turning it into a blistering oven in a matter of minutes.

    MULTI-USE ALUMINET™ SHADE CLOTH  helps minimise the effect of the intense heat of the sun. 

    ? WARD OFF HEAT & RADIATION - Stay cool even on a hot summer day. Use this reflective cloth to provide a relaxing shade, and deflect heat, light, and radiation while you spend time outdoors.
    ? MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - Enjoy a cool shade anytime, anywhere. Use this shading cloth to deflect heat for your tents, parked vehicles, dog kennels, campsites, vegetable patches and patios.
    ? PROMOTES AIR FLOW - Aside from warding off heat and providing shade on a hot day, this protective fabric also ensures increased air flow and ventilation, thanks to its knitted mesh design.
    ? WITHSTANDS THE ELEMENTS - Showing off HDPE knitted polyethylene fabric, this aluminised shade cloth is built to withstand exposure to water and heat. It also won't fade or shrink even when used daily.
    ? BRING IT ANYWHERE - Take this portable reflective shade cloth with you on all your outdoor activities. It comes with a durable drawstring bag that will ensure easy carrying and storage. 

    Alumint shade technology
    Shade cloths facilitate extra support inside the green house when the heat is at the climax. On the market, Aluminet Shade Cloth is superior to different greenhouse thermal screens present on the market. Statistics indicate Aluminet can lower heat considerably when contrasted to different thermal screens. 

    Traditionally, we use black-coloured cloths to provide protection against the sun's glaring rays. While it can provide shade, the colour actually absorbs heat, instead of repelling it. This highly reflective aluminised fabric can reduce temperature by 30% to 70% and does not absorb heat. It deflects intense sunlight and UV radiation, allowing you to enjoy a cool and comfortable shade even under the sweltering heat. 

    Setting up this knitted aluminised fabric is a breeze – thanks to its commercial-grade hem and brass grommets. With eyelets placed every 0.5m on its lining, easily attach onto a sturdy post with mounting hooks or durable rope, and you are all set. You may also just lay it over your car or tent, making sure to secure it with sturdy rope to prevent the fabric from getting blown away. 

    If your pet participates regularly in agility competitions, you often have to stay outdoors the whole day under the sun. This means keeping your dog inside its kennel, which can be uncomfortable and dangerous for your dog, especially if left exposed to direct sunlight. To prevent your furry friend’s kennel from becoming too hot, just drape this reflective fabric over the carrier to help keep your pet cool and comfy while waiting outdoors. 

    Plants need sunlight to survive, but too much exposure to intense sunlight can actually do more harm than good. Excessive heat can lead to the creation of harmful toxic byproducts, which can damage and eventually destroy the plant. If you live in a hot location, covering your plant patches with this reflective cloth can help maintain an optimal temperature for your plants and prevent too much sun exposure. 

    Whether you are into camping, trekking, or going on beach outings, this aluminised shade cloth makes an excellent companion. Enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature while feeling relaxed and well-ventilated under the cool shade brought by this reflective cloth. Drape it over your camping tent or set up a small shed with this Aluminet cloth to enjoy reliable protection against the sun’s intense rays. 

    Ordinary cloths will easily get ripped apart by strong winds or soaked by heavy rain. To promise extended outdoor use, this cloth features a commercial-grade sewn hem to line the edges. Brass grommets are also placed strategically along the edges, providing an easy means to anchor the fabric to mounting hooks or nylon ropes. If left outdoors on a rainy day, you don’t have to worry about the fabric getting ruined as it is designed to withstand rain.


    M: 4.3m x 3m 

    L: 4.3m  x 6m