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Kiwi Walker Travel Double Bowl With Slowfeeder for dogs

  • Kiwi Walker Travel Double Bowl With Slowfeeder for dogs

    Kiwi Walker Travel Double Bowl With Slowfeeder foldable bowl  for dogs  2-in-1

    Kiwi Walker
  • If you travel a lot, love long walks and are really everywhere, then you will both love these phenomenal Kiwi Walker travel bowls! Travel Double Bowl is not one, but TWO bowls folded into a small package with a capacity of up to 350 ml each, which you can always have at hand!

    The Travel Double Bowl consists of two blue cups attached to the case with a sturdy Velcro. This solution allows you to quickly detach the bowls and make them very easy to clean - you can put them in the dishwasher or wash them under running water.

    The Travel Double Bowls made of silicone and nylon are resistant to damage and do not absorb odors. However, try not to leave them filled for too long in the sun.

    Their operation is very simple. All you have to do is pull the case away and lay it flat, stretch it vertically - you will be able to fill it with water and food right away. The structure is very stable and allows you to have a home-cooked meal even in the middle of the forest. After cleaning, simply attach them back to the Velcro straps, fold them and close the practical case.

    The case of the Travel Double Bowl itself has a diameter of 16.5 cm and a thickness of 4.5 cm, making the large bowls a very compact and slim travel set. It is fastened with a durable zipper and takes up little space.

    The Travel Double Bowl comes in bright and cheerful colors. 

    Characteristics of the Travel Double Bowls:
    Capacity: 2 x 350 ml
    Folded dimensions: diameter 16.5 cm, thickness 4.5 cm
    Weight: 0.37 kg
    Materials: Silicone, Nylon, Zipper: Polyester, Aluminum, POM Plastic
    Fastening method: zipper
    Bowl attachment method: Velcro
    Dishwasher safe: yes
    Colour: Blue, green

    Every trip is a necessity to take a lot of things with you - dog bowls are mandatory. But so that they don't take up too much space, bet on travel bowls. Lightweight, comfortable materials and a foldable design will allow you to take them with you both on foot and car trips.