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Kiwi Walker Let's Play! Glow Ring Maxi dog toy

  • Kiwi Walker Let's Play! Glow Ring Maxi dog toy

    Kiwi Walker Let's Play! Glow Ring Maxi dog toy  to play in the dark

    Kiwi Walker
  • Are you looking for a toy that will work well during evening walks? Together with the glowing ringo Glow Ring from the Let's Play series, you can play fetch and drag as long as you have the strength! 

    Kiwi Walker's Glow Ring creates a hard, foamy TPR material that bounces off surfaces perfectly. It will provide your dog with a solid workout that engages all muscles! Ringo is great for interactive games - don't leave it for your dog to chew sessions for long periods of time. 

    TPR material is a completely safe material for your dog. You can use it without worrying about your pet's teeth and gums. 

    The Glow Ring glows in the dark - so you can easily find them in the grass even after dark. You don't have to worry that it will disappear from your sight and get lost. Glowing Ringo will attract your pet's attention and encourage him to actively fetch or drag.

    Choose the Glow Ring in Maxi size for a large dog. 

    Characteristics of the Glow Ring:
    Size: Maxi
    Diameter: 18 cm
    Material: TPR foam
    Suitable for: large breed dogs
    Additional Information: Glows in the Dark 

    In order for the toys to fly high when retrieving, it is good to choose those made of light material. TPR plastic is the perfect choice - it is light and durable at the same time.