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I love happy cat snack-beef sticks cat snacks

  • I love happy cat snack-beef sticks cat snacks

    I love happy cat snack-beef sticks cat snacks for Happy cats

    Laroy Group
  • Chewing is a part of cats' hunting routine and many cats do not get enough opportunities to chew. These D&D Home | I LOVE Happy cat high meat chewing snacks with beef and liver, developed in collaboration with cat behaviourist Anneleen Bru, offer plenty of opportunity for munching and are also a powerful motivator when you are training your cat. Regularly rewarding your cat with these delicious treats contributes to her wellbeing, shows your love and strengthens your bond with her. No added sugars, scents or colourants! Happy Tip! A chewy snack is really good for hunting & biting, activities cats really need! Your cat can exercise her jaw muscles and release stress! This is a good way to prevent and manage undesirable biting behaviour. Give your cats something to chew on in different areas of the house. Hiding this snack for your cat to find, up high or wrapped in crumpled newspaper on one of its exploring routes is amazing and fun! 


    • Delicious tender meat stick for Happy Cats
    • Made of 91% beef including 24% beef liver
    • Ideal for chewing, strengthening the bond with your cat or as a reward
    • No added sugars!
    • No added colourants 

    Dimensions : +/- 70g - 11cm 

    USE: 1*24h 385kcal (1527 kJ)/100 g