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FURminator® Nail Grinder for dogs and cats

  • FURminator® Nail Grinder for dogs and cats

     FURminator® Nail Grinder for dogs and cats files and smooths nails with ease 

  • The FURminator® Nail Grinder files and smooths pet nails with ease and is suitiable for all dogs and cats. The integrated LED light illuminates the pet's nail for safe and easy trimming. This helps to guide the user for not trimming off too much of the nail.
    As the tool is compact and lightweight, it is also easy and safe to handle. On top, it is a two-speed cordless grinder, which makes it easy to select the speed you need. The Nail Grinder operates for over 100 hours.  

    • Files and smooths nails with ease
    • Suitable for all dogs and cats
    • LED light for easy and safe trimming
    • Lightweight, compact and easy to handle
    • Two-speed cordless grinder
    • Includes two grinding bands
    • Operates for 100+ hours
    • 4 AA-alkaline batteries included 

    Directions for use:
    1.) Monitor your pet’s nails and care for when appropriate to avoid overgrowth.
    2.) Pet’s nails should not touch the floor when standing. Regular maintenance is important for the health and comfort of your pet.
    3.) Slowly introduce the grinder to your pet. When he is comfortable with the tool and the sound, you should begin working on the nails.
    4.) Begin by applying gentle pressure to the top of the foot and cushioning pad underneath – this will cause your pet to extend its claws.
    5.) If your pet’s nails are white, pay close attention to where the nail turns pink. This is called the quick – where the nerves and blood vessels end in the nail. Cutting into this sensitive area will cause pain and bleeding. Use of the LED light aids in identifying the quick.
    6.) If your pet has dark nails and you can’t see the quick, grind the very tip of the nail – you’ll have to grind the nails more often, but it’s the only way to avoid cutting the quick.
    7.) Gently grind down the nail going slowly to keep your pet comfortable. Remove the sharp tip, grinding about halfway between the end of the quick and the tip of the claw. Short passes of the grinder are recommended to avoid overheating the nail, which could cause discomfort.