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FALCO DOG deer leg 120g wet food for dogs

  • FALCO DOG deer leg 120g wet food for dogs

    FALCO DOG deer leg 120g wet food for dogs from muscle meat of the best quality 

  • Do you have real carnivores at home? This most luxurious range of canned meat includes: 100% muscle. Treat your pets to real luxury in the form of deer leg muscle. 

    This is muscle meat of the best quality. Venison is one of the easily digestible meats. Deer muscle is very dietary. It contains a minimum of fats, but at the same time it is nutritionally very valuable. It contains important vitamins of group B, minerals such as iron and phosphorus. It is rich in protein, sodium and potassium.

    It stands out with its luxurious and innovative appearance.

    The FALCO DOG canned food is suitable for all ages and all breeds.

    It is often recommended for small breeds, puppies and dogs of smaller stature.

    Advantages of the FALCO DOG series:

    • 100% muscle meat
    • Natural product
    • Luxury
    • Czech product
    • Single portion

    All our products are natural and free of any dyes, flavors, preservatives, chemicals, cereals, rice or soy. The recipes are compiled by veterinarian and founder of MVDr.

    FALCO canned food has a shelf life of 3 years. Lasts in the cold for about 7 days or at your discretion.