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dMEGA3 supplement for dogs and cats

  • dMEGA3 supplement for dogs and cats

    dMEGA3 supplement for dogs and cats to support skin and coat function 

  • dMEGA3 is a complementary feed with particular nutritional purposes (PARNUT) intended to support skin function in the case of dermatosis and excessive loss of hair. Its unique content in omega 3 fatty acids allows to control skin inflammation and itching, common in course of allergic disease. A PARNUT, by virtue of its particular composition or method of manufacture, clearly distinguishes from ordinary feed [Regulation (EC) No 767/2009]. 

    Pack of 30 caps in foil blister. Net amount: 20.19 g.
    Pack of 80 caps in foil blister. Net amount: 53.84 g.

    Administer 1 cap of dMEGA3 every 8 kg body weight, up to a maximum daily dose of 4 caps. Daily dose could be adjusted in accordance with your Veterinarian’s opinion.

    Each cap of dMEGA3 contains 500 mg of purified fish oil with a minimum content of 90% Omega3 (minimum 70% EPA and 10% DHA). Coating: Fish gelatine 121.99 mg; Glycerine 51.01 mg. Technological additives (mg per Kg): Tocopherol extracts from vegetables oils (mixed tocopherol) 2970 mg.

    Analytic components per capsule Crude fats 0.50 g; Carbohydrates 0.05 g; Proteins 0.11 g; Crude Ashes 2.3%; Crude Fibers 1.5%; Humidity <1%. Energy 5.0 kcal. 

    It is recommended that a Veterinarian’s opinion be sought before use. Recommended time of administration up to 2 months. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in the original package. Store below 25°C. Do not use dMEGA3 after the expiry date shown on the pack.