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COOLDOWN Shadow cover for cars

  • COOLDOWN Shadow cover for cars

    COOLDOWN Shadow cover for cars prevented the heating of the car

  • The COOLDOWN SHADOW NET is made of a robust fabric with aluminum coating. Like a mirror, the glossy side reflects 85% of the sun's rays, reliably keeping the heat away. Due to the open structure of the fabric optimal ventilation is possible and a heat accumulation is thus reliably prevented.

    SPECIAL FEATURES of the COOLDOWN SHADOWNET of the fit4dog Line:

    •  easy and compact stowable in the included bag (an ideal companion on hot summer days)
    • The edge of the net is edged with a solid band.
    • All around are sewn at regular intervals of 50cm attachment loops
    • The COOLDOWN SHADOW NET can therefore be individually fastened.
    • Consciously waives metal eyelets to avoid scratching the paint
    • The heating of the car is reliably prevented, the cooling time of the air conditioning is minimized
    • Aluminum coated fabric (no knit!), No loose threads and thus a better durability

     The Cooldown shadow net is delivered with:

    • Measure 350cm x 500cm
    • 1 bag
    • 10 m rubber cord 8mm thick
    • 6 hooks with patent system