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Bubeck -Nr. 21 Horse meat dry dog food for small dogs breeds

  • Bubeck -Nr. 21 Horse meat dry dog food for small dogs breeds

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    Bubeck - dry food - No. 21 horse meat dry food for small breeds, grain-free, with horse meat. For white fur dogs. 

  • For all little gourmets we have these balanced compositions of meat, potatoes, vegetables & herbs with a lot of love & passion ?? baked. Even small dog breeds have a natural chewing need. That's why we reduced our croquette extra. Crunchy Kauspaß freshly baked from the stone oven. Natural ingredients WITHOUT nonsense. Teeth cleaning already while chewing. Also suitable for nutrition-sensitive dogs or exclusion diets.

    Getting serious about nutrition is becoming more and more of a focus in times of food allergies and scandals. Lafer & Co are trying to make the food tasty again through the media ?? and to teach us to cook in his original form. Industrially produced FAST FOOD can have an unhealthy effect on our body. Extruded foods can cause allergies.
    Artificial colors and additives, flavor enhancers and highly industrial manufacturing processes confuse our taste buds and distort our diet. At no time have there been so many allergy-plagued people like today ... and our pets? Our dogs? We feed them just as we reject them for ourselves.
    For over 35,000 years, the dog gets naturally processed foods from its owner. You can tell from the number of dogs and dog breeds that it did not hurt him. Whether 100% ?? carnal diet or 100% vegan, we do not want to judge.
    For over 120 years, we at Bubeck have found the healthy middle ground to be the most balanced. You can be sure that certain production methods, such as extrusion, no matter how common, will not be available to us!
    • The secret of our products lies in our traditional baking process. Slow and gentle so that the short starch chains that are so important for digestion can form. These are valuable for the dog to gain the natural energy from the food.
    • All ingredients are baked together. This way, potatoes, cereals, herbs and fats can be gently opened. Since nothing is sprayed, the croquettes are not greasy. Apart from that, the croquettes also smell very pleasant to humans.
    • Pet food is first and foremost a CULTURAL PRODUCT - not an industrial product. We rely mainly on local and well-known ingredients without the use of exotic species such as kangaroo or ostrich ...
    • Our ingredient list is short and elementary. We leave you room for creativity to fill your dog's mouth every day. Add herbs, oils or vegetables and fruits as you please. Thus, you can easily respond to intolerances and make feeding a daily feeding experience.

    Complete food for adult, normally active dogs of small breeds.


    53% horsemeat (50% fresh meat, 40% dried and ground, 10% horse heart, horse liver and horse lung), potato flour, potato flakes, amaranth flour, whole egg powder, rapeseed oil, apple (dried and ground), parsley, carrots, parsnips, lovage, rosemary, dicalcium phosphate.

    19.0% protein, 9.0% fat, 3.0% crude fiber, 9.0% crude ash, 2.0% calcium, 1.2% phosphorus.

    Vitamins per kg:
    Vitamin A 12000 IU, Vitamin D3 1200 IU, Vitamin E * 70mg / kg, Vitamin B1 10mg / kg, Vitamin B2 10mg / kg, Vitamin B6 6mg / kg, Vitamin B12 30mcg / kg, Biotin 250mcg / kg, pantothenic acid 20mg / kg, niacin 40mg / kg, folic acid 2mg / kg.
    Trace elements per kg:
    iron 175mg / kg, zinc 125mg / kg, copper ** 10mg / kg, cobalt 0.4mg / kg, manganese 20mg / kg, iodine 2mg / kg, selenium 0.3mg / kg.
    * = (Alpha-tocopherol acetate) ** = (As copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate) IE = international units per kg

    Administration: about 10 to 14 g per kg of dog weight per day.

    Feeding advice: Feed dry.
    Please always keep a sufficient amount of fresh drinking water ready.