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  • Bosch FRUITEES ROE DEER & CRANBERRYS treat for dogs

    Fruitees Roe Deer & Cranberrys  are grain-free, juicy treats made with fresh venison for rewarding and training your dog. 

  • FRUITEES Venison & Cranberry are grain-free, juicy treats made with fresh venison (8%) as the only source of animal protein (single animal protein) for rewarding and training your dog.

    Cranberries provide natural antioxidant plant compounds.

    FRUITEES Deer & Cranberry are produced with a residual moisture of 28% as a semi-moist supplementary feed. Therefore, they have a soft consistency and convince with an extremely high acceptance.

    FRUITEES Roe deer & cranberry are selected in size and shape (mini stars) so that a quick feed intake during the training of the dog and no distraction occurs.

    FRUITEES Deer & Cranberry are filled in resealable so-called soft-lift cups of 200 g each, so that the product retains the advantages of a semi-moist food (aroma protection) during the consumption phase.

    * Even with the greatest care in the production and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources or (gluten-containing) cereals cannot be excluded.  

    • Single Animal Protein* fresh roe deer (8 %)
    • recipe without cereals*
    • without added sugar, flavorings and colorings 

    Composition: Potato protein, potatoes (dried), potato starch, fresh roe deer (8%), peas (dried), cranberries (dried, 4%), pea protein, cellulose, sodium chloride. 

    Analytical components: Umsetzbare Energie 10,62 MJ/kg, Feuchte 28,0 %, Protein 20,0 %, Fettgehalt 2,0 %, Rohfaser 2,5 %, Rohasche 4,7 %, Phosphor 0,8 %, Calcium 0,33 %, Natrium 0,17 %, Kalium 0,64 %, Magnesium 0,05 %. 

    Supplements: Nutritional additives per kg
    Vitamin A 5.000 I. E., Vitamin D3 500 I. E., Vitamin E 40 mg.

    Trace elements per kg
    Copper (as copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate) 12 mg.

    Technological additives
    Antioxidant, preservative.