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Advance French Bulldog dry dog food

  • Advance French Bulldog dry dog food

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     Advance FRENCH BULLDOG high-quality food has been specially formulated to satisfy the nutritional needs of French Bulldogs after their first year 

  • This high-quality food has been specially formulated to satisfy the nutritional needs of French Bulldogs after their first year:
    - It incorporates specific functional ingredients and a moderate level of calories to promote optimum weight and improved digestion with fewer odours.
    - Helps protect the skin barrier and vertebral joints. Promotes the proper functioning of the respiratory system.

    DUCK AND POTATO PROTEIN: Novel sources of protein with excellent digestibility that promote optimum nutrition and digestion and limit skin problems.

    COLLAGEN, ZINC, ESSENTIAL OMEGA 3 AND 6 FATTY ACIDS, BIOTIN: Their combined action helps maintain the function of the skin’s protective barrier.

    COLLAGEN AND YEAST (SOURCE OF VITAMIN B): Help maintain cartilage and vertebral nerve health.

    ANTIOXIDANTS (VITAMINS E, C AND GRAPEFRUIT FLAVONOIDS): Their combined action helps reinforce the cardiopulmonary system.

    TAURINE: Amino acid that promotes proper heart function.

    POTATO PROTEIN, IMMUNOGLOBULINS, HYDROLYSED PROTEINS, YEAST: These highly digestible proteins with great biological value and high digestibility promote optimum digestion with fewer odours.

    APPLE AND BEETROOT PULP: Sources of fibre that regulate bowel function and aid in optimum digestion. 

    Protein 24.0% Crude fat 17.5% Crude fibre 2.0% Minerals 6.0% Calcium 1.2% Phosphorus 0.9% Humidity 9.0%

    Corn (21%), duck (18%), rice (15%), gluten meal, corn, dehydrated duck meal, barley, hydrolysed animal proteins, potato protein soil, animal fats, hydrolysed collagen, fish oil , yeast, beet pulp, calcium carbonate, vegetable fibre, potassium chloride, plasma proteins, soybean oil, diphosphate tetrasodium salt, dried apple (0.1%), dried grapefruit (0.02%).

    Vitamins and minerals
    Vitamin A 27000 IU, vitamin D 3 1800 IU, vitamin E 1000 mg Vitamin C (sodium salts and calcium ascorbyl monophosphate) 500 mg Biotin 0.27 mg Taurine 1680 mg, Iron sulphate monohydrate 260 mg (Fe: 86 mg), Potassium iodide 1.88 mg (I: 1.44 mg), copper sulphate pentahydrate 33.5 mg (Cu: 9 mg), manganese sulphate monohydrate 124mg (Mn: 40 mg), zinc sulphate monohydrate 635 mg (Zn: 231 mg), 0.24 mg sodium selenite (Se: 0.11 mg) with antioxidants.